Credit: James Gibbard/Tulsa World via AP

One home-schooled girl, after she out-spelled dozens of older competitors to win a regional bee in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will become the youngest competitor ever in the national spelling bee in May.

Edith Fuller, 5, beat kids more than twice her age at the Scripps Green Regional Spelling Bee this past weekend, and correctly spelling 37 words in around five hours of competition. “Jnana” was her final word, which refers to an elevated state of knowledge.

People at Scripps are already calling Fuller the latest “Spellebrity.”

Last summer Edith surprised her parents by spelling “restaurant” correctly, and, ever since, she’s been training with her mother. According to Tulsa’s KJRH TV, organizer of the regional bee in Oklahoma, here’s how Edith Fuller described her daily training regimen:

“My mommy asked me words, and every time I misspelled one, I would look at it.”