High School Seniors Honor Influential Teachers

By Stephanie Bachman 

POCATELLO — Local high school seniors honored their teachers on March 28 during the eighth Teacher Appreciation Night hosted by Pocatello’s North Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Twenty-five students each recognized one influential elementary or high school teacher who has had a positive impact on their education.

“This is a good way to be part of community,” said Todd Blackinton, a member of the North Stake. “It’s not meant to be religious. We just wanted to recognize the good work all these teachers do for the community and the kids.”

Many of the students recognized teachers who have not only taught them skills they will need for the future, but also forged relationships over months and even years.

“That’s what I really liked about Mrs. Plato,” said student Spencer Mullen, who recognized Highland High School English teacher Stephanie Plato. “We can go from roasting each other and making memes of each other to her giving me advice. We have an awesome relationship, and I’m grateful I had her for my teacher.”

Some students chose to recognize teachers for their challenging classes, which often turned out to be the most rewarding. This was the case for Hallie Penrod, who chose to recognize her communications teacher, Glenda Funk.

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