Fulton County Schools, GA

The Problem

As one of the largest school districts in Georgia, Fulton County Schools has over 600 teaching vacancies every year. Their hiring process is difficult due to constant competition from 16 other nearby districts in the Atlanta Metro Area. The demand for teachers in the Atlanta Metro Area far outpaces the supply, making many teaching positions difficult to fill. Due to these vacancies, many students in Fulton County were being taught by less qualified long-term substitutes.

The Solution

The Fulton County HR team met with Proximity Learning and shared information about their perpetually unfilled teaching positions. In May 2016, Fulton County enlisted Proximity Learning as a backup plan for the next time they faced shortages. One month into their school year, Fulton County still had over 60 vacant teaching positions. Luckily, the district already had Proximity Learning as a board-approved solution to their problem and proceeded to implement our product. Fulton County frequently solicited feedback from principals and students and heard very positive remarks, especially from the students. As the year progressed, Fulton County continued adding more teachers through Proximity Learning as needed, ensuring that their students had access to highly qualified, certified, full-time teachers.