Shawn Sheehan is a special education teacher at Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma, and he was the 2016 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year, as well as a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. Even with the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year award behind him, Sheehan has decided to take a teaching position in Texas.

After being disqualified from joining the Air Force due to a kidney-related disease, Sheehan, coming from a military family, did not know what to do with his life. During summer after-school programs, Sheehan had worked with students with disabilities and coached Special Olympics teams; This was when he realized that he could serve his country by becoming a teacher instead.

Now Sheehan says he can’t think of doing anything else, but has decided to take a job in Texas instead of Oklahoma.

According to a report by the National Education Association this month, the average public school teacher salary in 2016 was $58,353. Oklahoma, with an average salary of $45,276, was ranked 49 out of 50 states; Oklahoma was also ranked 44th in expenditures for public K-12 students per student in average daily attendance.

Shawn Sheehan:

Teaching in Oklahoma is a dysfunctional relationship. And with a myriad of emotions, I have made the decision to end this relationship.


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