Christine Greenhow

Christine Greenhow is an associate professor of educational psychology and educational technology and the 2018 recipient of MSU’s Teacher-Scholar Award for excellence in scholarship and teaching informed by research. She is currently the principal investigator of research funded by the Bates-Byers Endowment for Technology in Education examining the affordances of robot-mediated learning for student engagement in hybrid education.

In an age where the internet and social media are changing the ways we do business and communicate, it is no surprise that a professor of educational technology would inquire how to harness these technologies to solve persistent educational problems. How can we get students more engaged in their learning? How can we reach students anytime, anywhere? How can we make all students feel a sense of connection to classmates and instructor? How can we make classes more accessible, interactive, and fun?

These are some of the questions that drive my research on social media in education and new technologies in hybrid education. Today, online learning is fast-growing as universities strive for equitable and alternative pathways to course enrollment, retention and educational attainment. Furthermore, hybrid or blended learning, which combines face-to-face with online learning components, has been shown to be the most promising approach to increasing access to education and students’ learning outcomes.

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