Grammy Award-Winning Singer Pays Student’s Lunch Bills

Image CC Credit: Flisadam Pointer Copyright © Flisadam Pointer

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Recently, Erwin Montessori Elementary School received a random phone call, and the caller wanted to pay the outstanding school lunch balance. However, Principal Deborah Parker noticed something familiar about the donor.

“I listen to all of her music,” Parker said. “I love her music.”

Parker was talking to Grammy award-winning gospel artist Tasha Cobbs. Cobbs paid the school’s $300 lunch balance, toured the school and even signed autographs.

Even though the donation was made specifically to Erwin Montessori Elementary School, Guilford County Schools Nutrition Director Jim Faggione says everyone within the school system will benefit.

“The district can then use those resources they used to offset those cost to help support teacher salaries and support teachers in the classroom,” Faggione said. “Help support maintenance programs they need to do.”

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