Grace Chang

Lead Teacher

Grace has always believed that teaching is her calling. After graduating from National Taiwan University, she began to teach Chinese as a second language at Mandarin Daily News Language Center and National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Center in Taiwan for two years.

Since coming to the United States, Grace has taught Chinese to multiple levels of students at various schools and businesses, including teaching conversational Chinese at the Summer Chinese School at Middlebury College in Vermont, as well as Compaq Computer Inc. and HP Computer Inc. She also taught at the China Institute in New York City while pursuing her Master’s Degree at the Teachers College of Columbia University. Grace boasts extensive experience in teaching young and older students alike, with experience ranging from teaching college aged students at Lone Star Community College to teaching 4th to 10th grade students at a weekend Chinese School. Grace is certified to teach Mandarin Chinese to students ranging from Early Childhood to High School in multiple states, including Texas and Oregon.

Grace has a passion for teaching and is always looking for ways to improve her teaching skills. She continues to learn from her studies, from the seminars and workshops she has attended, from her colleagues and students, and even from her own teaching experiences. Grace chose to be a teacher because she cares, loves people and desires to share what she has learned with her students. She values the saying “To teach is to touch a life forever”, and genuinely believes that there is no greater joy or reward than the ability to make a change in someone’s life.