Problem: Garland ISD wanted to offer World Language options outside of Spanish to their High School students. Students requested access to Chinese, American Sign Language and Latin courses. The district was elated that their students desired more language options and set off to hire the required teachers.  Unfortunately, Garland was unable to locate teachers that met the requirements needed to teach within the district, i.e. certified in Texas, certified in their subject matter, and holding previous teaching experience. Additionally, Garland disliked the idea of being forced to offer online blended learning programs; they preferred an actual teacher in-front of their students to ensure they had the best chance to succeed.

Solution: Garland ISD looked around for solutions to their World Language staffing dilemma and was referred to Proximity Learning Inc. from another nearby district. Garland was initially skeptical since they were unfamiliar with Virtual K-12 Staffing. After viewing a live class example from another school district, they decided to implement a pilot the first year to measure success amongst their student population.  After implementing Chinese I their first year, Garland was surprised to see the success their students achieved, with over 92% of students passing and requesting a level II course. Their second year, Garland decided to expand the course offerings to Chinese, American Sign Language, and Latin. It has now been over 3 years working with Proximity Learning Inc. and Garland now offers Level I-III in Chinese, Latin and ASL with their students successfully achieving pass rates over 90%.