Former Teacher Who Inspired Students Gets a Surprise

By Kelly Ragan

When Barbara Lueck taught at Rocky Mountain High School, she didn’t necessarily think about the impact she’d have 20 years later. She focused on picking fun projects every day, helping choir students learn new skills and inspiring kids to come alongside her in the music.

But she did have a lasting impact. When former student Amanda Huner learned Lueck had soft tissue cancer, she organized a group of nearly 50 Rocky alums to return to the high school stage to sing “Seasons of Love” for Lueck. They made a video of the performance for Lueck, who wasn’t feeling well enough to have everyone over at the time.

When Lueck, 76, saw the video, she was overwhelmed. So was the rest of the world — the video and her reaction to it went viral.

“I’m just a plain teacher,” Lueck said. “Just a teacher who spent 35 years trying to inspire kids through music.”

But the outpouring of love for “Mama Lu” didn’t stop there. Good Morning America heard about the video and invited Lueck to come out for the show.

Lueck gave an interview.

After the interview, the Good Morning America staff took her down a couple different hallways and told her to wait. Little did she know, they were resetting the stage to surprise her again.

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