Summer Foreign Language Academies with Live Instructors

Learning does not have to stop in the summer. During this 6 week class, students will get introduced to one of five foreign Languages. This enrichment course is perfect for students planning on taking a foreign language course in the fall but want to get ahead.

Course Price: $39

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, requiring a competitive and bilingual workforce. Our summer foreign language academies invite you to discover and explore not only language, but also the culture and history behind the foreign language you choose. The course is designed to introduce students to a new foreign language or help practice during summer when school is not in session.

Students will work in a class with their peers 4 days a week learning from a Highly Qualified foreign language teacher committed to the fostering a successful online learning environment.  The courses include online live classes, self-study, live language labs, office hours, assignments, weekly quizzes and exams. Chinese reading, writing, culture and history are emphasized throughout the courses.

Languages Offered:

  • Mandarin Chinese

  • Spanish

  • Latin

  • American Sign Language

Course is purely for enrichment and will not be counted for credit

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