ESL / Dual Language

As educators, we understand the importance of delivering a quality education to each and every one of your students. However, providing an equal education opportunity may prove difficult for individuals who are not fluent English speakers. Our ESL courses allow Non-English speaking students the opportunity to learn Science, Math, History, English, etc. at the same pace as their peers.

The Dual Language course uses the District’s current curriculum for Math, Science, English, and History to follow the student’s progression. Our teachers will speak the same native language as the student and will teach the course using this language as they go through your ESL program. This allows the student to simultaneously learn English while not falling behind on their education. Students from across your district can join the class at the same time so you do not have to send teachers scrambling from building to building.

Foreign Language Dual Class Options*:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • History
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French

*additional languages and course options may be available upon request

How it works:

  1. You send us the text book used for the class as well as the lesson plans, Power Points, and projects created (if available)
  2. We will build into our online platform the course with questions and tests in the language the student speaks and reads
  3. We will either take the Power Points you already have or build new ones for the teachers to use
  4. We will either appoint a teacher we already have on staff or search for a certified educator available to teach the course
  5. You will give us the bell schedule, time the class is scheduled to meet and school calendar for us to follow
  6. You will send us your grading policy so we can train our teacher on the expected grading criteria
  7. During the allotted class time we will stream the teacher into the classroom to instruct the students

If you would like to discuss these options in more depth please contact us at: 800-524-8570 or