The Enriched Live Instruction Model

Access to Highly Qualified K-12 Teachers 

Our Enriched Live Instruction Model facilitates district course subject needs by providing live, real-time, teacher-led instruction, ensuring students do not miss out on valuable math, world language, SPED, science, or elective subjects.

How Enriched Live Instruction Works:

Live Instruction Classrooms

A live, real-time, interactive instruction model that transforms the student learning experience by introducing a highly qualified, state-certified K-12 teacher.

Real-time Interactivity

Each student is given access to instruction through a computing device (Computer, Chromebook, iPad, Phone, Etc.) where they can view and interact with their teacher; students and instructors communicate with each other in real-time via webcam.

Teacher/Student Communication

Students and teachers communicate seamlessly via private messaging and a centralized learning feed. Students can raise their hands, ask questions, be assessed, and develop a stronger rapport with the instructor.

Your Live Instruction Classrooms

Using technology present in your schools such as headphones with a microphone, webcams and a computing devices so students can engage and interact with our teachers. Much like a traditional classroom, students raise their hands when they want to answer a question and are assigned to work in groups. Every classroom is staffed by a classroom facilitator trained by Proximity Learning whom is both physically present in the room and in the online environment to monitor student activity.

When should Enriched Live Instruction be utilized?

  • You’re unable to locate a certified instructor to teach a course subject
  • You’re experiencing decreasing student academic achievement
  • Your teacher resigns during the school year and a certified educator cannot be located for replacement
  • Your district instructor goes on maternity leave

Classroom Setup

and Implementation:

Enriched Live Instruction classrooms require an aid, substitute, or facilitator to be physically present in the classroom to assist with classroom management. Proximity Learning will schedule a free three-hour training program for your facilitator on classroom management and best practices for effectively working with our live instruction teacher.

 We will continuously offer professional development for your facilitator throughout the year to increase their effectiveness and ensure that students have a safe and productive learning environment.

Using Your District Curriculum 

Districts can provide their own curriculum for Proximity teachers to instruct or districts can simply provide a scope and sequence. Our teachers will align our modular online thematic units to yours at no additional cost. Additionally, your students will have 24/7 online access to course content anytime, at their convenience.

School Districts Using Enriched Live Instruction 

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