Elementary Teacher Makes Impact on Students

By Jeff Rivenbark

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Christopher Walker has only been in the classroom for a short time as a teacher but he’s making quite an impact on his students.

Walker teaches Language Arts and Social Studies at Acme Delco Middle School in Columbus County.

He says keeping his students engaged with his daily lesson plan is critical to learning. That’s why when he reads to them, he alters his voice for each character as a way to maintain their interest. 

“You don’t want them to come to class with the expectation that’s its going to be another boring day in Mr. Walker’s class,” Walker said. “You want them to come to class enthusiastic, excited, to be curious about what crazy voices Mr. Walker is going to do today.”

Three words sum up Walker’s passion for teaching.

“Creating positive change,” he said.

The person who inspired him to teach was Janyce Barnes, Walker’s fourth grade teacher at Chadbourne Middle School. By the time she retired, she worked 30 years with Columbus County Schools.

“She pushed me, she would not let me slack off and she would not let me become just another statistic,” he said.

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