Both formal and self-education provides us with knowledge that can be utilized to benefit our creativity and effectiveness when problem solving. Depending on the person, this can lead to the highest levels of success and accomplishments.

Creativity itself does not necessarily spawn from education, but instead education allows for a person’s creativity to be nurtured and worked on. Even though some of the brightest minds withdrew from formal education, they were typically in a learning environment before pursuing their creative futures, and they continued to self-educate.

The time a person spends in a learning environment can allow for them to discover their passion and creative drive. With those tools, they can go on and prove themselves to the world.

However, having a degree won’t guarantee someone’s dream job, but it will play a crucial role in shaping that person’s character and skills. Instead of focusing on the monetary benefits of education, the focus should be put on one’s overall self-improvement.

An educational journey allows for you to equip yourself with the knowledge it takes to go on and change the world for the better. If you can envision success for yourself, making no effort to turn that dream into a reality is a misfortune.