ECISD Uses Live Instruction to Fill Teacher Shortage

Proximity Learning is expanding in the district. You’ll recall ECISD… was doing a test run with virtual teachers in two classrooms— at each high school. The school board decided to expand the program within the district adding 6 more classes. Mike Adkins, ecisd spokesman, “we need certified, highly qualified teachers in front of our kids everyday. at this point we have more than 200 teacher vacancies and so to not look for every opportunity is not doing everything we can for the students.” Ecisd desperate to fill 231 teacher openings… lead them to Proximity Learning. Mike Adkins, ecisd spokesman, “we gave it a try. there was a lot of questions about how was the online class going to work, dipped our toe in the water with the American sign language class, two at each of the big high schools and they went reasonable well.” Danny Gex, permian high school principal, “the school board they have a lot of concerns and so do we. I don’t think its a perfect system, I don’t think its better than having a certified teacher in the room but its the next best alternative.”

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