ECISD Approves Online Courses

By Victor Blanco 

ODESSA, TX (KWES) – The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees met for their Tuesday meet where they reviewed academic achievement, worked toward new board goals, and approved a series of online courses for Permian High School and Odessa High School.

Trustees voted 6-1 to approve six new online courses through Proximity Learning. Delma Abalos voted against the motion.

This proposal will add four courses at Permian HS, including Algebra II, Advanced Placement English III, World History, and English I.

It will also add two courses at Odessa HS, to include Advanced Placement English III and World Geography.

The estimated cost for a full semester is $154,225, compared to the cost of five full-time teachers which would be $163,809. The target for getting these courses up and running is February 1.

The Proximity Courses also require a facilitator to assist students in the classrooms, if needed. The District is developing plans to hire paraprofessionals, substitutes, or pay stipends to current teachers to cover those classes as facilitators.

ECISD is currently 231 teachers short, and the District must use every means possible to put certified teachers in front of students on a daily basis.

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