Dallas Independent School District Utilizes Live Online Teachers

Written by Christina Peebles

December 16, 2019


Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) is proud to announce a new partnership with the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). The district is now bringing in online teachers after PLI was awarded an RFP for the 2019-2020 school year.

J.L. Long Middle School, the first school in the district to pilot online teachers has now expanded the program to seven American Sign Language (ASL) sections, four 6th and 7th grade classes and three 8th grade classes. Around 20 students daily attend each class and sign along with a Texas certified ASL teacher provided by PLI. They are connected via live video chat so students can see the teacher and the teacher can see and interact with the students.

“My biggest goal always has been to ensure quality instruction in every classroom,” said Luis Cardenas, a J.L. Long Middle School assistant principal. “So since my goal in this school has always been to ensure there is quality instruction, then Proximity is the means for me to achieve that goal.”

With online teachers, students are learning a world language in a dynamic, interactive environment while preparing them for college and career applications.

The PLI teachers are equally committed to carrying out J.L. Long Middle School’s stated mission of cultivating “young minds and spirits for global leadership in academic achievement and personal excellence.” One of these is six-year teacher Jonah Eleweke.

“It’s been very memorable watching the students grow in their ASL skills,” Eleweke said. With workers fluent in ASL in high demand, Eleweke wants to help open future doors for his middle school students by helping them “appreciate this opportunity to learn ASL as a life-long ability that should bode well for them in their future work given Deaf clients are everywhere in all fields.”

Eleweke said he appreciates the support of the PLI-trained in-class facilitator at J.L. Long Middle School who assists him in ensuring student success, engagement, and on-time assignment completion.

“The facilitator is also a really important piece in the puzzle so that the kids can be successful, cause she’s really actively monitoring that the kids do what they’re supposed to do,” Cardenas said.

Furthermore, PLI online classes are no different than the other classes students go to during their day at school. The staff follows the school’s bell schedule, grading policy, and attend parent-teacher conferences.

“The best part I think is the consistency in which we know that we can help students on a daily basis because the teachers are readily available at the time of class,” Cardenas said. “With Proximity Learning we can ensure consistency of the program, because I think even if the regular teacher is not available, there’s going to be someone who is going to teach sign language.”

Due to the RFP and PLI’s work with J.L. Long Middle School, Dallas Independent School District will be expanding PLI’s services to J.L. Long’s feeder school, Woodrow Wilson High School, to continue providing Dallas students with engaging, real time, live online instruction.

About Proximity Learning Inc.: Proximity Learning Inc. is an Online Education Service company catering to students ranging from kindergarten to high school. Proximity Learning has served over 150 school districts and instructs over 50,000 students annually. Proximity Learning has been rated as one of the top K-12 online education services in the nation, boasting the highest quality teachers, most innovative virtual classrooms, and the reputation as a flexible learning solution to both public and private school districts.

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