Computer Science - Product Price: $700 or $350

Proximity Learning’s Computer Science course empowers students with strategies for success within the world of Computer Science. Our masterfully crafted asynchronous online format gives you the flexibility to complete your course on your own time, allowing you to get ahead without sacrificing your summer.

Course Length: Up to 12 months (We encourage you to finish within 4 months)

This course is taught at the equivalent of an introductory college-level class. Students are introduced to the major concepts of collecting, organizing, and drawing conclusions from data with the following emphasis:

Students will learn from curriculum developed by highly qualified educators with many years of experience teaching in the traditional classroom and online. This is what you can expect to gain from our courses:

  • A broad understanding of computer science
  • Design and implement programming solutions by writing, running and debugging programs
  • Basic familiarity in coding, algorithms, data and programming
  • Understand the ethical and social implications of technology and computer use
Computer Science Course