College Students Help Families in Need for Spring Break

 Atlanta Fuller Center for Housing. Photo Credit: Mark Galey©

50 Students from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, didn’t spent their spring break partying; instead, they were helping less fortunate families with home repair projects in Georgia and Florida.

Nine students helped with the Fisher family of Marietta with a long list of repair projects through the Atlanta Fuller Center. These projects included replacing siding and wood, pressure washing, painting, sheetrock repairs, flooring installation, bathroom and kitchen repairs and cleaning up the yard.

he Atlanta Fuller Center for Housing is a volunteer-based, nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing in Atlanta and worldwide. The center was founded in September 2007 and has completed over 100 projects in the past 10 years.

“I spent volunteering my time and helping a family in need. It was one of the most humbling experiences in my life and I cannot wait to go back the next three years,” said student Jasmine Bryant

The Wittenburg students went to five different cities to work with Fuller Center partners.