Stockton USD – Stockton, CA

Objective:  Stockton USD needed to staff open Chemistry and French positions in their High School

Problem: Due to the growing teacher shortages in California and the remote location of Stockton USD, the district consistently faced teacher vacancies throughout the year.  At the time, shortages were high in Chemistry and French. The district searched over the summer to hire qualified and certified teachers for these vacancies; unfortunately, no teacher candidates were found and the school was set to be starting off the school year with long term subs with no real solutions in sight.

Solution: About one month before school was scheduled to open, the Stockton Human Resources department received a promotional email from Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI) and decided to invite them to visit with the district to explore their options.  The HR team invited the principal and the curriculum team to the initial meeting to ensure all the stakeholders were there to see if this was a viable option for the district.  PLI showed Stockton a live Chinese class example and the stakeholders were intrigued, deciding to move forward.  The principal was placed in charge of the implementation and sent PLI copies of their current textbook and curriculum for Chemistry and French so PLI could develop the course into their online learning management system.  During the setup of the class, the question of in-class labs came up– how were they going to enable students to participate in labs which is a crucial part of Chemistry? PLI implemented boxed school labs that were mailed to the students attending the courses.  These labs contained hazardless materials and liquids which enabled the virtual teacher to lead the labs with the students and their in-class substitute. Throughout the 2015-16 school year, PLI’s teachers instructed the Chemistry and French classes flawlessly to the district’s delight. Using Virtual K-12 Staffing helped to eliminate the potential for a long term substitute without instruction for hundreds of students in Stockton.

Evan Erdberg