Sheepshead Bay High School – New York, NY

Problem: In order to ensure their students were career and college ready, Sheepshead Bay High School decided to broaden their student’s access to World Language options, particularly American Sign Language. Unfortunately, the school faced difficulty locating New York certified ASL teachers. Factoring the statewide desire for this new and fast growing language, the amount of teachers in New York City who are certified to teach ASL is not enough to fill growing demand.  For the past 3 years, Sheepshead Bay students had consistently asked for access to American Sign Language, but the school was unable to find a teacher.

Solution: The principal received an email about new World Language Program offered through Proximity Learning, an online provider that had received a NYC vendor number. Excited to learn more about this program, Sheepshead Bay High School invited Proximity Learning to their school to further learn about and discuss their services. The school was particularly interested in the process of streaming the NY certified, ASL teachers into the classroom live during the school day. After hearing about the program, Sheepshead Bay High School decided to move forward and implement the program for the students that had been requesting ASL.

Evan Erdberg