RM Academy – TX

Problem: RM Academy recently took over several schools in Odessa and Midland, TX in hopes of bringing quality education to a low-performing environment.  Upon setting up the schools, they found the ability to recruit and attract CORE teachers was nearly impossible due to most educators being hired by the local petroleum industry for more than double the starting teacher salary. Additionally, the schools were located 5 hours from the nearest metropolis, making it even more challenging to recruit teachers. They were getting dangerously close the starting the school year off without many of the CORE teachers needed and with no help in sight. RM Academy administration was beginning to put an educational program in place that had students receiving instruction in Plato with a substitute to supervise.

Solution: The Executive Director attended a conference and spoke with a representative from Proximity Learning (PLI) regarding the use of Virtual TX Certified teachers to solve their problem.  They let PLI know they needed History and English teachers within two weeks. PLI was able to supply several teachers to meet their shortage. However, as instruction began another teacher left, forcing the school to confront staffing 5 more classes in another school location.  PLI worked with RM Academy to line up the classes with the current course schedule, streaming the teacher live into both classes at the same time despite their location in two different parts of the town. Each week PLI teachers would develop the chosen curriculum into PLI’s learning management system to stay ahead of the class. They also maintained management of the Plato system RM Academy had purchased for students to use, implementing the program to compliment the teachers.

Evan Erdberg