Riverton SD – Riverton, NJ

Problem: Throughout the state of New Jersey, school districts were implementing Elementary World Language Programs due to research showing early introduction sets the stage for students to develop proficiency in one or more languages, as well as enhancing a student’s success in math and science. Being a K-8 district, Riverton began looking into Elementary Spanish in order to give their students a heightened opportunity for success and preparation for their future. As a high-performing school district, they did not want to implement a self-paced, student driven solution such as Rosetta Stone, but also did not hold the budget to hire all of the teachers they needed locally.

Solution:  The curriculum director received an email detailing a new Elementary program offered by Proximity Learning, streaming live teachers into the classroom during the school day to instruct K-8 students in a given World Language. Although this option was more expensive than a typical asynchronous model, it was significantly less expensive than hiring full time teachers, fitting right into the budget the district had set aside. The district decided to implement this program into their schools to provide access to Spanish teachers. Proximity Learning worked with Riverton’s Tech Team to set up each school with the technology they needed.  Additionally, the district wanted to start each grade at a different time during the year—PLI worked with them to align to their calendar requirements.  On the scheduled dates and times, the K-8 students would log on using either a smart board or personal computing device.

Evan Erdberg