Huffman ISD – Huffman, TX

Problem: Being a small district has its advantages and disadvantages; one major disadvantage is the inability to offer the same number of electives due to limited students, reducing the warrant to hire full time elective teachers. One of the goals of Huffman ISD’s superintendent was to increase the world language options offered to his students once they reached High School. Huffman ISD’s guidance counselors surveyed their students to find out what world languages they were interested in, and were surprised when the majority of students replied with American Sign Language. The HR department was tasked with finding a full time ASL teacher; however, to their dismay, they received no applications for the open position over the summer.

Solution: During a meeting at the State Superintendent’s Conference the Huffman ISD’s superintendent was telling his peers about the challenges of finding an ASL teacher and was recommended to connect with Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI).  When the superintendent got back to the district, he reached out to PLI and asked for them to meet with his curriculum team. The curriculum team was interested to find out that PLI would provide both the curriculum and the actual teacher who would instruct the class and do the grading.  Furthermore, they were thrilled to find that the PLI teacher could be part of parent teacher conferences throughout the year. Huffman ISD gave the superintendent a green light to move forward and implemented the ASL program in their high school.  Additionally, during the setup of the ASL program, the district lost a Middle School Spanish teacher; PLI saved the day again and was able to provide a certified TX Spanish teacher to take over instruction of the classes.

Evan Erdberg