Colts Neck Township Schools – Colts Neck, NJ

Problem: Being one of the highest performing K-8 School districts in the region, Colts Neck leadership wanted to continue this tradition by introducing Latin to its students over the summer to give them an advantage before the school year began. The problem the district faced was finding a NJ-certified Latin teacher with adoptable curriculum who was available over the summer. Typically, over the summer it is a challenge to find teachers since they tend to be traveling, working a separate summer position, or simply enjoying their time off.

Solution: Colts Neck leadership received and email about developing a Summer World Language Academy with Proximity Learning Inc. and decided to set up a webinar to learn more.  During the webinar, the district learned how they can set up the class at the time and length they desired over the summer.  PLI provided the curriculum and the certified teacher to lead instruction; they also offered the program at a significant discount over the summer, making this program extremely affordable. The district was so pleased with the program that they not only plan to offer this course every summer, but have plans to continue during the school year as well so students will get access year round to Latin.

Evan Erdberg