Brazosport ISD – Clute, TX

Problem: Brazosport was very proud to be able to offer American Sign Language (ASL) for its high school students, working hard to find teachers and encourage their 150+ students in 12 classes to sign up for ASL level one and level two courses. Unfortunately, with 8 weeks to go before the beginning of the school year, two of their ASL teachers quit and moved to another school district. With little to no chance of finding two ASL teachers for the start of the school year, the ASL program was in jeopardy of being shut down and the students being forced to start a different world language course.

Solution: Brazosport’s high school principal was describing her predicament to a colleague from another TX school district who recommended virtual K-12 Staffing through Proximity Learning Inc. as a potential solution since they were currently using PLI for French. The principal connected with a representative at PLI and explained their dilemma.  Within one day, PLI provided a quote and supporting documentation for the principal to bring to the district leadership for buy in. The district agreed with the principal’s solution and signed the quote. Within 4 weeks of a signed quote PLI had identified and supplied 2 ASL teachers along with the curriculum for ASL I and II to lead instruction all year round. On the first day of class, the students opened up their laptops, logged into the classroom, connected with their teacher and were able to start the class. PLI provided the teacher’s credentials and transcripts to the HR department so they could be teacher of record.

Evan Erdberg