Problem: During the school year Bullitt County Public Schools lost a Spanish Teacher and needed to staff six classes with a certified KY Spanish Teacher. Luckily the district was able to move around some of their current staff to take over four of the six classes, but still required a part-time Spanish teacher to handle their two remaining Spanish classes. Currently, the students were completing assignments on their own with a substitute in the classroom and complaints from parents were reaching a critical place. The problem was that finding a part-time teacher in the middle of the year was not looking promising for the two classes of students.

Solution: The Curriculum Director received an email asking for a meeting with a company that can stream live, certified KY teachers to their classrooms to fill vacancies. The email came at the right time and BCPS set up a meeting with Proximity Learning Inc. (PLI). The PLI salesperson visited the district and took the curriculum team through how PLI could stream teachers live into the classrooms, take over the district’s curriculum, and handle both grading and state reporting. PLI was able to get a teacher in right away and within two weeks of signing a quote, students had a certified teacher leading instruction. The district leadership was very pleased that the curriculum team was able to solve the teacher vacancy issue so quickly and efficiently.