By: Sara Kabani

Virtual education is paving the way to new education. While there are many reservations to turning to the technological side of the world, the results speak for itself. With a high percentage of a 93% passing rate in our classes, the online classes are an effective way to assure the success of students. With a new form of communication that is more than appealing to students of this generation, their attention span will remain in tact. The biggest advantage of a virtual classroom is being able to attend the class from anywhere with an Internet connection. In a traditional classroom, the classes are structured with a proper curriculum, a highly qualified teacher, beneficial homework, and effective structure. Our virtual classes provide just that, plus accommodating circumstances. Introducing subjects ranging from world language to core curriculum, we also provide special education teachers, in which there is a national shortage. Schools can choose from during school, after school, and summer classes.

As this generation relies solely on technology, these classes keep the students engaged, and motivated to learn and progress to the next level. Rather than writing notes, students tend to prefer taking notes with laptops and tablets. The live teachers can interact with the class with videos, virtual blackboard, and viewing the students when asking questions. Smartboards are also used to keep elementary students engaged through an interactive classroom, in which they can see the teacher, and do activities with them. In conclusion, although technology may seem hard to transfer to, the transition is worth it. It provides a change of pace for students who are engaged in nothing more but internet and technology. Our online curriculum guarantees success.

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