ASL I, II ,III & IV - Product Price: $700 or $350

Proximity Learning’s ASL courses empower students with strategies for success through an understanding of ASL , one of the first classic romance languages. Our masterfully crafted asynchronous online format gives you the flexibility to complete your course on your own time, allowing you to get ahead without sacrificing your summer.

Course Length: Up to 12 months (We encourage you to finish within 4 months) 

The purpose of ASL 1, 2, and 3 is to provide a foundation of signing production and comprehension, as well as writing and comprehension of ASL gloss. Through the three years, students will be able to communicate and interact within the context of a variety of everyday situations such as family, school life, eating, shopping, and traveling. Through the three years, students will also be able to communicate at an abstract level and talk about their own feelings and opinions in ASL. In addition, students will gain an increased understanding of Deaf culture, with specific attention paid to education in the Deaf community, development of assisted communication technology, and interactions between Deaf and hearing communities. The three years also all touch on the historical and political development of ASL and Deaf culture.  An advanced ASL 4 course is available for students that successfully complete ASL levels 1-3.

ASL Coures