AP Macroeconomics - Product Price: $700 or $350

Advancement Placement is a program for talented students to express their intellectual abilities. The way these students learn and implement their strategies is a compound way to reach success.

Proximity Learning offers higher-leveled classes for these students to excel in. Whether it be for AP or college credit, these students leave our classes feeling more motivated than before. The curriculum offers lectures, videos, and interactive experiences to teach the students about a specific subject at a higher-level thinking.

Course Length: Up to 12 months (We encourage you to finish within 4 months)

Students will learn why and how global economies change so often, how to identify trends in our economy, and how to use those trends to assist in measuring predictors of economic growth or decline. Students will also examine various factors like government and local spending, inflation, taxes, and supply and demand, understanding how they impact consumers.

AP Macroeconomics