Alarming Number of Teacher Quitting in Michigan

By Erica Francis 

Sources say we’re facing a talent shortage and teachers are quitting at an alarming rate. Michigan isn’t alone. Protests in other states have shut down schools over low pay and poor conditions.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is calling it a crisis. In her State of the State address, Whitmer said educators are not failing us, we are the ones failing them.

“Our teachers are not broken. It’s our system that’s broken,” she said.

There is a teacher shortage in our state, but it’s not so much that teachers are quitting at any chance they get.¬† The state is actually having trouble finding and retaining younger teachers.

“At the end of my career, I was easily putting in 10 hour days physically at school and couldn’t get anything done,” said Liesje Franken, a former teacher at Waukazoo Elementary in Holland.¬† “It’s like a sponge. After a while, there’s nothing left to squeeze.”

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