ACT & SAT Prep Courses

Are you ready to help guide your students towards successful test scores and a bright future? Proximity Learning’s ACT and SAT prep courses empower students with strategies for success on the ACT and SAT exams. Our unique live online format provides students with the flexibility to work with a live, highly-qualified teacher from any location with an internet connection. Proximity Learning’s affordable pricing model provides all schools, no matter their location, budget or background, with the opportunity to deliver the best test prep solution to their students. 


Why Choose Proximity Learning? 

The biggest challenge in offering an online program is ensuring that students are engaged and exit the course prepared and ready for the next step in their academic career. What makes Proximity Learning different from other companies is that we genuinely believe in putting the best teachers in front of students to be successful. We are committed to the progress of our students and that is why we are proud to stand by our 200-300 average ACT/SAT student score increase. 


ACT/SAT Prep Course Pricing

We are proud to offer all the benefits of our online classrooms at a very accessible price. At Proximity Learning, we are committed to keeping teachers in teaching and we are on a mission to provide accessible and affordable instruction to students all over the United States. 

What To Expect From Our Teachers

  • All of our teachers are certified in understanding how to teach high school students 
  • Instructors must have a Master’s Degree to teach our courses 
  • We only hire teachers that have multiple years of teaching experience 
  • We look for teachers all throughout the country to find the best and highest qualified instructors for our students 

For Educators

We understand one of the biggest difficulties school administrators face is hiring qualified instructors to place in front of their students. Our virtual staffing options can offer a solution to this by:

  • Placing live teachers to fill vacancies within your school
  • Incorporating a blended learning program with your current technology
  • Aligning to your school schedule, calendar, and grading policies
  • Helping you increase your passing rates with qualified instructors
  • Working with your existing budget to maximize allocated funds

For Parents

Today more than ever, parents have the ability to direct the educational path their students will follow. We have options for parents who home-school their children or are interested in summer learning options. Benefits include:

  • Ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Credit awards recognized nationally for every course successfully completed
  • Access to highly-qualified, state-certified teachers from around the nation
  • Monitor your child’s progress through advanced learning management system
  • Affordable pricing model makes courses accessible to students with any budget