The PLI Method


Video Instruction

Using our unique classroom environment, teachers actually see the students and the students see the teacher- emulating an actual in-school classroom.  Using video allows students that prefer hands on learning to interact and work with a real teacher while learning through a virtual environment.

Learning Management System

Students gain access to our online learning management system that allows them 24/7 access to their curriculum, homework, and interactive activities.  This ensures that whenever the student wants to continue their education outside of the class period time, they can. Our teachers create unique interactive activities such as flash cards and games for students to use in order to facilitate learning.


The Digital Native Generation requires a unique and engaging curriculum for them to learn and stay engaged.  Using our educational experts and highly qualified teaching staff, we develop content for this generation to help them not only learn but enjoy attending class. Using a mix of live video, games, activities, and online curriculum we are able to engage your students like no other educator can.

District Size

Our process can work for as few as 5 students or as many as 10,000 students.  We place students into a classroom with their peers of up to 30 students to ensure they get the education they deserve.  The benefit of PLI is that we have an unlimited number of teachers we can hire from allowing us to staff up or staff down depending on your district needs each year.


At Proximity, we understand and embrace the reality that each student is unique and tends to learn at their own level and pace. Once a week, we offer our students allotted class time to work individually with their teacher while their peers spend time on assigned activities. This provides a one-on-one opportunity to help our students receive the individual attention and feedback they require for personal success.

Interactive Video Platform

Proximity is one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to implementing the latest innovations in technology and online learning. With our web-based video classrooms, you now have the ability to team with Proximity Learning, providing you with the opportunity to use your very own instructors on our platform to stream their instruction to all of your campuses and locations.