Proximity Learning is a fully accredited online education provider based in Austin, TX.

Unlike most online programs, our courses are built around regularly scheduled live class sessions delivered via web-conferencing.  Our live instruction model closely resembles the experience of a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, but is conducted entirely online.  Our courses also include the same type of asynchronous elements and online materials as traditional online courses.

While we primarily serve public school districts, we do have some private and charter school clients, and even the occasional individual student signup.  We work with schools and students all across the country, and our faculty all work remotely from locations across the U.S and even internationally.  We offer world language, core and supplementary courses for grades K through 12, with courses ranging from World Languages like Spanish, Chinese and German to Chemistry, Algebra and even Special Education.  Additionally, we can take the curriculum from a district for any subject and develop and teach the course virtually using a state accredited instructor.



Our Vision

To become the premier provider of K-12 Virtual Education by connecting students with quality teachers in a digital environment.  


Our Mission

Providing exposure and opportunities for students to access a highly-qualified teacher that will engage them using rigorous curriculum to become successful citizens of the world. 

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PLI is proud to hold our curriculum to the highest standards, therefore we have gone through the proper accrediting channels so you don’t have to worry.



Proximity Learning is proud to work with the following partners:



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Meet Our Teachers


Our strict 4-tier hiring process means that only the best teachers make it onto the Proximity Learning team. In addition, each of our teachers are certified in both their state as well as their subject matter.



Our teachers boast multiple years of experience, holding at least 5+ years working in both brick-and-mortar and online classrooms. This experience helps our teachers understand how the classroom environment works from all angles.


Each of our teachers are trained to work with a diverse population. Our educators work under lead teachers and are provided with teaching mentors to help them grow and succeed throughout the school year.



We require our teachers to hold a minimum of a graduate degree, and many of our educators hold their doctorates in education. This guarantees that your students are taught by the very best.