5 EdTech Podcasts That Are Worth The Listen

The world of EdTech is constantly evolving and changing, which makes keeping up a difficult feat to say the least. Podcasts are an innovative, informative and easily accessible way to understand evolving trends and learn information from top minds within the K-12 education industry.

Here is a list of some of Proximity Learning’s top podcast picks:


1) TEDTalks Education

A no-brainer, TEDTalks are well known for their diverse and well-known speakers. Each subject varies immensely, guaranteeing a fascinating listening experience no matter which podcast episode you choose.

2) Instructional Tech Talk

Although a new episode hasn’t been released since January, ITT is one of the highest rated EdTech podcasts of its kind. IL-based educator, Jeff Herb, teaches listeners how to make implementing technology into your classroom or district headache free.

3) TechEducator Podcast

Can’t get enough of Jeff Herb? Then you will love TechEducator, a podcast that goes in depth on the world of EdTech with Jeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson and, yes, ITT’s very own Jeff Herb.

4) EdSurge On Air

With EdSurge On Air’s weekly podcast, you can learn about the latest new stories, commentary and announcements in the EdTech world.

5) #EdTech Chat Radio

EdTech Chat Radio is composed of round table discussions between teachers, administrators and EdTech integrators who cover insights of special EdTech topics each week.

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