4 Things Parents Should Stop Doing For The 2017-18 School Year

When the school year starts, parents can sometimes be more busy than the students. Forms need to be filled out, clothes and school supplies purchased, schedules must be planned, and extracurricular activities have to be registered for.

Thinking about logical, emotional, and academic readiness is the best place for parents to put their energies.

With that said, here are 4 things parents should stop doing for their kids to make the school year smoother.

      1. Don’t fill out forms, just sign them.

        Whether online or paper, a child has the ability to do most of the heavy lifting on the tech contract, photo release, lunch choices, and even the school school and sports physicals. They may need to ask a few questions along the way, but it’s still better than parents having to do the whole set of forms themselves. Plus, it can allow students to get back into the groove of reading, writing, and doing homework.

      2. Don’t buy school supplies that your child can find around the house.

        Kids always want new supplies and school accessories. However, if this school year is not the parent’s first, some things on the list may be already hiding around the house. Teaching a child to be a little more frugal and resourceful is never a bad thing. It could even be turned into a scavenger hunt around and the house.

      3. Don’t ask to change your child’s class for the “right” teacher or the “best” friend.

        Have you tried to work out the classroom schedules for hundreds of kids? Needless to say, it is not an easy task. That’s already one reason for parents to leave their child’s classroom assignment the way it is. However, here are a few more reasons:

        • The school knows what they’re doing and they have a lot of practice figuring out the right mix of kids, teachers, and schedules for each age group.
        • Good friends can learn quite a bit by being in different classes, and tough kids have a lot to teach a child as well. Parents may feel the need to move their child to another class due to another student that they don’t like. Unless a student has been victimized by another child, in which case the parent would need to let the school know, these parents should just let the year play out.


  1. No matter what, parents are always looking out for a child’s safety and comfort. However, moving a child out of their comfort zone can help them grow as a person.
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