Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your students both friendship and kindness in the classroom, and what better way than with these fun teacher-tested Valentine’s Day activities!

1.     A Note of Kindness

Students will pick their classmates’ name from a jar, and write a brief note of kindness. This note will express everything they like about the other student. When finished, you can post the notes on the bulletin board.

2.     Valentine’s Day Boxes

Allow students to make their own creative Valentine’s Day boxes to hold all the special notes and cards they’re planning to give to their classmates. Students could take a cereal box and decorate it to a desired theme (This could be done early morning or at home on the 13th). On Valentine’s Day, the students would present their boxes to the class for everyone to see. Whoever has the most creative box could receive a get-out-of homework free pass, or whatever the teacher wants to give out as a prize.