SPOKANE, Wash. – School is becoming increasingly difficult for children in the Spokane community as they’re being faced with challenges fueled by poverty, including homelessness, hunger and exhaustion.

Luckily, one local nonprofit is working to keep those children in school while the need continues to increase.

On New Year’s Eve, Iyanna, a North Central High School sophomore, delivered the last baby of the year in the area. It was the first step in Iyanna’s journey as a teen mom.

“Taking care of Hazel at night, getting up, staying for track and taking care of her again,” said Iyanna

At home, Iyanna has her family that supports her. When at school, she has another family watching out for her.

Communities in School is a non-profit, drop-out prevention program.

“Students can come get snacks throughout the day. Or a pencil. They don’t have to be on our caseload to do so,” said Shamerica Nakamura.

Communities in Schools wants to prevent kids from freefalling into dropout status. Some of the students have needs that are almost unimaginable.

“I think every school should have one because it does save a lot of kids,” said Iyanna.