Following the election, zooming in on president-elect Donald Trump’s educational platform could provide a clear image of what is to come in education in the next four years. The following points show his stance on education and his opinions on each topic.

  • Student loans provide aid to students when paying for tuition and other educational expenses. The government profits from these loans by adding more to the loan as interest. Donald Trump wants to cut the profits the government makes, and lower student debt. He wants students to only have to pay for what they take out. 
  • School choice allows the families of students to choose the school they attend. Donald Trump believes that this promotes healthy competition between schools and students wanting to enroll, making the schools better.
  • The Department of Education promotes the Common Core and creating equality in educational standards across the country. Donald Trump believes that local education should be prioritized and organized depending on the county or city the students live in.
  • Safe schools create an approachable atmosphere for students to enjoy learning at school. Donald Trump believes our schools are currently not safe, which makes students resent going to school and learning. He believes unsafe schools increase drop-out rates, and create a tougher life for students. He believes allowing teachers to carry guns in their classrooms would increase safety and decrease school shootings.
  • Tuition has been a financial burden on students over the years. As tuition costs continue to grow, Trump wants to lower these costs. He wants the government to stop subsidizing loans and have colleges invest money into the students by lowering tuition costs. If schools don’t follow this rule and reduce tuition costs, Trump doesn’t think the school deserves to have endowments tax-exempt.


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