With States and cities funding programs for students to go to two-year and, in some cases, four-year, schools, the chance to go to college for free is becoming more and more obtainable.

In Tennessee, community college is already free for graduating high school students, and the state will now be the first in the country to offer free community college to almost any adult.

Republican Governor Bill Haslam has said that getting adults back to school is important, and he said it’s the only way that more than half of Tennesseans will get a college degree or certificate. The program is simple: If you don’t have a degree, and you want one, your tuition is free.

Nationally, only about one-third of adults who start community college finish it. That number gets even lower if they go back part-time.

Adults are much harder to reach about going to college than high school students, and, hopefully, the tuition change will give more incentive.


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